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I have been speaking quite a bit about a few things regarding my business and this amazing thing called House of Minerva. I figured that it was time to talk about it and put in writing so that everyone is clear. Seeing it in writing also makes it more real.

I need to make it very clear about a very strong business model that I have envisioned. House of Minerva is a small design house, and when I mean a small design house, I do business, designing, sewing, shipping, and all other aspects of my business from my home. I am very lucky and fortunate to do this. Spending years in the corporate world, commuting over an hour a day, one way, to my job for years I am the luckiest woman in the world to get to do business completely out of my home. From start to finish. I can cook during the day, get my chores done, and also be there for my family. Taking care of things!

By no means is working from home easy. I plan on talking about that in another blog, coming soon. That's a whole list of problems, issues, concerns, and hurdles that I can help explain how I handle them. Look for that soon.

Getting back to HoM being a small design house, out of my house… I am very content with this arrangement. When I decided to do this business I never wanted to be some mass produced set of products and never contemplate ever being in Target, Walmart, or any of those big chains. Was never in my mind. That would never be a direction for my company.


The idea behind HoM is to always stay very connected to my customers/fans/community. The day I have an automated message tweeting for me, responding to emails, or taking away the personal connection that I know I have and feel with my customers and followers is the day HoM will no longer be run by me. I think I can fight off those Avatars!

HoM wants to stay small, opening a small manufacturing space to employ local people but keeping my family in touch with our customers and what they want and need from us. I’m always directed by my own racing thoughts but encouraged by all of my customers.

Making a profit is important. That’s the whole success piece behind it too, but it’s more than that. Way more than that. I always said. “The day that this is no longer fun for me, I’m walking away. The day that some suit tells me what I can and cannot do or produce and how and when.. Feet don’t fail me!” I will never change, and will always wear my feelings about this on my sleeve.

House of Minerva is starting a wonderful direct marketing campaign, directing their product placement in some amazing small boutiques, shops and salons. Limited Edition on everything we do and always evolving, improving but having fun doing it! We want our buyers/shop owners to always have that direct contact with me or my team to develop more products, better products and know that we will always be here for them. Charities, parties, share success with our followers. It’s all so important to me.

Look for updates as we walk, run, take a car ride to this end result. And more importantly, wish us luck!

I’m always looking to hear from others about “Making a Living” vs. “Becoming a Millionaire” business desires. Please comment and share your thoughts. Me personally, not interested in being a millionaire off of HoM. I just want to be happy with my work and hopefully give some people some jobs to make a living as well. All doing this while we have a grand time doing it all.




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