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Toddler dresses are one of House of Minerva’s hottest selling products. You’re probably wondering why I went from bags to Toddler Dresses. I’ve once spoke a bit about Toddlers and what’s out there today on the market regarding clothes. I felt that there was a huge gap in the spectrum. I also thought, that lots of designers, that are great, were really all doing the same thing. Coordinated prints in a certain fabric design group. Which is still amazing and obvious a big hit.

What I did when I wanted to do a dress, was think of when my girls were young and I was that mom that had a husband who was military who was away quite a bit, I was working full time and also getting my degree. It was important to have some great hip kids in some great clothes and was always complimented on how I kept my kids stylish. But I also hated that lots of the clothes I bought were not convenient, from getting it on my 4 year old at 6 in the morning or having it be a piece that could mesh with seasons. This is why I made the Toddler Dress that HoM does. What I think is the perfect dress. There are few factors here.

The lack of buttons, snaps, ties and pure over the head using elastic for the neck and arms makes this dress for mom and little girl. She can easily put this on herself and feel independent and great for you to pull off at bath time.

Throw these dresses over some leggings and long sleeved plain colored shirt in cooler months and this is very ideal for all year.

The best part of these dresses is all about the color and the fabric prints. We are putting things together that you may have scratched your head at if you seen it on a design board. But now you see it and hopefully get how awesome these things are together.

Let’s not forget about our use of Rick Rack. Yep I said it. What my mom use to adorn my clothing with, Rick Rack. I love it. And it makes anything look more feminine and sets it apart from others. We use the ruffles and the buttons and bows all for adornment.

If you own one, love to hear your comments. If you don’t, what are you waiting for. We have some great things on sale now. We are getting ready for our additions to our girl’s line this fall. Jumpers and Skirts.

Make sure you see all the celebrities who have them for their little girls in their life.

Sundance Film Festival

Erin Murphy

Oscar Winning Producer of The Artist Richard Middleton and his wife getting something for their daughter

Danny Glover picking something for his niece at Sundance 2012

Adam Busch getting his niece an HoM dress


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