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So I’ve been trying really hard lately to embrace the “new” television. I had my time with the random Reality TV that we all have. Don’t lie, you know you were watching something religiously. Big Brother, Survivor, Real Housewives. We’ve all been victims. Good, bad and the ugly, the ugly would be Bad Girls Club..

My rant tonight is focusing on the lack of great comedic writing. The stuff that doesn’t get old. I’m not saying there’s nothing good out there, but there just doesn’t seem to be that iconic funny that I’m so use to.

The Office, great, better in the UK then the US, but good stuff. Good writing, but eventually got old and stale. Hence why Steve Carell left the show before it blew up in flames. It did it’s time, was on for it’s time, but not for the 10-11 years some of us know that comedy shows can do.


And let’s talk about what I think is great TV now, but they get to do all the bad things that years ago writing couldn’t do and had to be funny without saying it, implying it only. But these great shows like Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Workaholics is funny, mostly because it’s sick humor and gets away with what comedy never was able to do before.



I could go way back, I Love Lucy days, where funny had to be funny and physical. Lucy knew physical comedy. Carol Burnett got that. And was to me one of the best! And then there is one who I think never received their props for physical comedy, John Ritter. “Three’s Company”, John knew funny and knew what to do in physical comedy to make you laugh. Today, still funny.


Let’s then talk about Larry David, there would be no Seinfeld without him, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, well come on. Some of the best, over the top, are you kidding me, sort of comedy. But disturbing to the point that you love and laugh. Definitely iconic in comedy writing. Remember I’m speaking TV not Movies (that’s another Blog)


But what can I say… Writing, actors and the moon and the stars were aligned and never will align like this ever again. The Golden Girls. I cannot tell you how the writing of this show and the actors/actresses that pull this off, could never be anyone else. It’s like saying that someone else could have played Scarlett in Gone with the Wind.. shut your mouth if you think anyone could have been Rose or anyone else be Dorthy. NEVER!

But the writing. The writing is by far the funniest, wittiest, clever and on point writing that you will never have again. It’s funny today, 20 years ago, and will still be funny 50 years from now. It’s like cereal, it’s a staple in my house. Pour myself a bowl every damn day and enjoy it! I said it!



So if you haven’t, get yourself some dvds or watch a Sunday afternoon of my girls. And if you understand comedic writing and how hard it is to do it all the time and not get old and stale after 2-3 seasons, these guys did it for a long time, but not long enough in my opinion. I never said.. oh no not this season “It Jumped The Shark”. And if you don’t know what that means, you never got to see the very embarrassing episode of Happy Days when The Fonz literally jumped a shark on jet skis.. turn it off turn it off.. LOL

Here’s the link for you if you’ve never seen it.. had to share this hot mess.Here is the link of the Fonz

oh and note, this is american tv, not british, hence why I didn’t include AbFab or Gimme Gimme Gimme or the other million other great shows they have. Yes Minister, another.

And yeah I have the complete series of GG and it came in the Sophia Purse.. LOL



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