Our 2013 Pin Up Calendar

featuring Mika Romantic and why we stuck to true pin up.

Anyone that knows or has been following my two years with House of Minerva know how I am truly inspired by Vintage on all levels and more importantly Pin Up and Pin Up Calendars. Something, for whatever reason, I always felt connected to and always felt like I should have been born in a different era.

One day a few months ago I was reading some marketing ideas and one thing that popped out is the paper calendar. Yeah I know, right, paper calendar, who uses those anymore. Well believe it or not the research is there and people, including me, still use paper calendars. I have the smartphone like everyone else, but nothing like seeing those dates in front of you during the course of the day hanging in your office, kitchen, etc. So I decided that HoM needed a 2013 calendar.

What better way to incorporate things that I love so much, House of Minerva products (of course) and our very own face of HoM, Mika Romantic and a true pin up calendar. I wanted to be sure we kept to the core of Pin Up with some amazing shots that would wow our customers and Mika’s fans. All the while keeping with a classy, elegant and fun group of photos. Trust me we had hundreds of photos to try to pic 12 months from! It wasn’t easy.

Now let me just first explain how I feel that Pin Up in general has turned into something very “stripperesque” (yeah I made that word up).

And how true pin up was very sexy, classy and kitsch in my eyes.  That’s what makes Pin Up so awesome. Elegant ladies at times looking awkward but still so amazing and beautiful.  More importantly, Pin Up is real, a real woman. Hips, boobs, curves and legs. Nothing fake… No fake lips, no fake boobs and let’s not name the 100 other things that we see on a daily basis with women today. Now, I’m not knocking any of that, heck I want some surgery myself… but it’s not true to form Pin Up in my eyes.

House of Minerva is very lucky to have the amazing Mika Romantic, who is really flawless and embodies the element of Pin Up. When I began developing the concepts with Mika, we were just amazed with how our ideas came together and more importantly we were able to create them to every detail with The Moment Photography and the lovely Terree Yeagle who was able to listen to my rants and get exactly what I wanted in this photo shoot and more importantly this calendar.

House of Minerva was determined to create a True to Life Pin Up Calendar that was classy, sexy, beautiful and fun, and I must admit, we have outdone all of that. Inspired by the likes of Betty Grable and many of these ladiesfrom the 50′s.  I’ve been proud of a lot of things I’ve done in the last two years, and this calendar is definitely in the top 5!

My point being? If you’re looking for raunchy, exposed stuff, our calendar won’t be for you. Our calendar represents what I would consider True Pin Up! I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it all together.


Now go out and get one of our 2013 Pin Up Calendar, give to someone this holiday season or keep for yourself. They are on Pre Order now.




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