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I love Saturdays and not quite sure why, it’s still a work day for me now a days but I just always feel like I have a bit of extra pep in my step. Motivation has never been higher for me.

I was able to have a great fitting today for the baptism dress I’m doing and great conversation with the customer! Great people thats so sincere and wonderful! A good fit a few tailoring pieces but should be complete by mid week. Will definite share finished product with everyone. Hopefully get some pics of the baby at the baptism in the stress. Oh, maybe even a pic of the customer wearing the wedding dress that we used. Fun stuff. Love deconstructing and reconstructing. Just like my daughters Betsey Johnson dress I took apart and up cycled into a clutch. I’ll share the pics…..we have the original dress and then the two bags I created.








Today was a great day for me to get the new Bucket totes and coordinating cosmetic bags on the site along with creating more! Already selling and having limited edition on these I may need to keep up with the demand.







Now time to decide, which I think I have, on my MTV movie awards event possibilities. I still have not recovered from the Oscars….no pain no gain.


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I was reading an article today regarding Kraft and them pulling out of their support of ALEC and it made me start thinking about opinions and blogging in this new era and how it impacts business. More importantly, business owners blogging and sharing opinions regarding politics, news etc.

If you missed the article I’m speaking of here it is. Kraft Backs Out of ALEC by The Daily Beast.

Since I’m taking this new silly turn into the blogging world and knowing me as I do, it will be inevitable that I share my thoughts and opinions about things. Anything from fashion to gay marriage! You name it, I feel strongly about most of all that I do.

So before I begin on my daily magniloquence, I need to ask this question. What are your thoughts on how blogging and sharing opinions openly on forums such as this impacts ones business? Facebook, where it’s your friends following you, they already know how nuts you are, they are friends on fb for that reason probably. The world of blogging and all the stuff about employers butting heads about social media, it’s a question to be asked.

Im a small business owner and my customers are everything to me. My intent would never be to turn someone off but I also need to be true to myself and feel there is so much to say. I know… I know… since when have I been worried about offending someone. Me the toilet mouthed, dirty joke telling……..

Would seriously love to hear opinions on this topic and I am sure not the first biz owner to ask the question.




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Today was a very productive day of creating and feeling more motivated than ever about the progress of House of Minerva.

Project one of the day : a wonderful and fun time deconstructing and reconstructing. Taking a customers wedding dress and creating their little girls baptism dress out of it was amazing fun.


Tomorrow fitting and should be all done! Love doing this sort of stuff.

Project two of my day was bringing back an oldie but goodie the original BellasBag. I use to own a company called Bella’s Bag and a favorite and popular bag was the Bucket Bag. Ive listened to my customers asking me to bring this bag back. I’ve listened but definite improvements and design changes were needed, more of just an updated feel and firmer structure.
All of these bags will automatically have the matching cosmetic bags and sold as the true set. Limited edition Spring bags. Can’t wait to get them up on the online store tomorrow and see what customers think! Always love input on functionality.




I completely forgot about taking a bag from a local customer (an original Bella’s Bag) and adding a pocket and a snap to a very cool but very old and worn tote! But they love it and still use it after like 6 years! I love that stuff though and will do those things to my very loyal and happy customers.

Lastly a customer swung by today to pick up the custom Easter dresses I made for her very adorable little girls. Pic here is the dresses but can’t wait for her to share the pics of them wearing them.


No call from my accountant, can not wait to have taxes behind me. Have learned so much going thru the process the way I have this year. It had to be done and I’m a better business woman for it.


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Well finally HoM is going to begin the blogging about a little bit of everything. From the styles, fashions and events that inspire or make us think. House of Minerva has taken a journey and I know it’s just the beginning of something great and we are going to have fun with it. Live for the moment and bask in all the fun and glory doing it.

Opinions make up who we are so is only human that I plan on sharing mine with you. At times posing a question without my opinion to not influence a response.

Hope we all get to enjoy this and please don’t be shy!


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Best St. Patrick’s Day Look : Post a picture of your St. Patrick’s Day look on House of Minerva’s Facebook Page & you could win a brand new HOM Clutch! 

What do you need to do, it’s easy.

  1. Like us on Facebook 
  2. Saturday March 17th get in your best St. Patty’s Day gear.
  3. Have a friend, or stand in front of a mirror (Jersey Shore style), and take a picture.
  4. Upload your image on HoM’s Facebook page. All images must be posted no later than Sunday March 18th. (This is to encourage those going out Saturday night to get some great images/looks)
  5. That’s it, sit back and wait to see if you have won.  Winner will be announced on Facebook Tuesday March 20th. 

Kate and team (Annabella) will decide who has the best look. Make it chic, make it funny, or just look your best! Green isn’t required, but encouraged. 

  • Note: this contest is for women and men.. Men get your images up. You know you’re lady would love this clutch. You would be a superstar if you won it for them!
  • House of Minerva will message the winner via facebook, at which time the winner must provide address to where the product should be sent. House of Minerva will not share any information that it collects.
Enter to win this amazing House of Minerva Clutch

Amazing light mint green clutch with blue, turquoise and green butterflies is a must have! Fold over lip with magnetic closure to keep your keys, cosmetic bag tucked safe away. Lined with a coordinating deep turquoise blue that is shiny and sophisticated. Butterflies have accents of sparkles. Magnetic Snap Closure Fold Over Lip Approximate Size: Length long ways: 11inches; Top to Bottom: 5 inches; Bottom Width 2 inches thick


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With less then 2 weeks to go, House of Minerva is getting ready for Park City, Utah! The fabric and thread is flying in the design studio. Excitement is high as well as spirits for this amazing opportunity.

House of Minerva is excited to announce they will be participating in the 

Eco Hideaway” Music Saves Lives Lounge at the Stein Eriksen Lodge

.Please stay tuned as we will be updating the website and blog with pictures and updates on the upcoming trip and events at the festival.


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Lyceum Market, Brooklyn, NY

Getting ready for Lyceum Market this week. Can’t wait! This event is always exciting and cool. I know I’ll spend some money on the other great vendors I’ll be vending with, but all worth it.


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House of Minerva is very lucky to work with the people at Not Yo Mama’s. Again, HOM will be at their next event, Holiday Craft Fair. I’ve been sewing away and have the Holiday Aprons ready to go along with some really cool knew Sack Totes. I also Love NYM events I have a special deal that I’m going to offer to my patrons! Can’t Wait!

If you’re in the area and looking for something fun to do come out!

For more information check them out online:

or on Facebook:



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