House of Minerva Conquers Sundance Film Festival 2013 as a brand at the Fender Music Lodge located on Main St. Park City, Utah and tops it off with a chance opportunity with Courtney Love.

Year two of participating in an event at Sundance started out with just making some decisions on where House of Minerva wanted to be. We chose this year to be part of the Fender Music Lodge located in the Courtyard directly on Main St. Park City. What’s better than Fender and the Associate Press Headquarters, which was located directly in then same suite? Pretty much nothing. Our initial press release.

Then the decision was made who was coming with me this time. Pretty easy decision to invite our own “face” of House of Minerva, the lovely Mika Romantic. Not only Mika in person but bring out our 2013 Pin Up Calendar to give out as well.


We decided to do a product that we could take with us that would be fun and yet appropriate for the festival.  We decided to make some great neck warmers that will keep our Park City friends warm but we put some mustache and lips on them to make them full of fun.


Standing outside the famous Egyptian   Theatre. Since it was Mika’s first time, we had to take in some sites and show her around Park City a bit. It’s not all work when we are at Sundance.







Now time to get to all the good stuff. Over the multiple day event, the lodge’s backstage halls were filled with names such as James Franco, Lady Jane Seymour, Alicia Keyes, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Ellen Page, Steve Carrell, Forest Whitaker, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Rob Corddery, Tony Danza, Ken Marino, Corey Feldman, Paris Hilton, Michael Cera, Darryl Hannah, Muriel Hemingway and Courtney Love were amongst the actors and artists backstage in AP’s headquarters and gifting with sponsors.


The highlight personally was the “being at the right place at the right time” when I bumped into Courtney Love and her manager. Courtney was in town to perform Monday night at the Star Bar in Park City. She approached me needing some help with her wardrobe that she chose to wear for the performance and wanted to know if I could help her with adding some pieces to a shirt and altering a few other pieces. What was I to say, but of course I can. Mind you I don’t have anything sewing related with me. No needled, thread, no sewing machine. But that wasn’t stopping me.

The next day her manager, who is amazing, contacted me and wanted to know if I could come to their Villa and do the job. That morning I found myself a sewing machine at the local Walmart, only place that sold them close by, and got all the essentials needed to do the job.  I was determined.

So funny part of the story… Courtney wanted some chiffon added to the bottom of a shirt. She said that it was too short and pulled out of the pants when tucked in and she need some chiffon added. Mind you, I never seen the garment at all, no picture or anything. I messaged her manager and asked what color, he says white. Well I know white chiffon is really off white chiffon. I went with my hunch here. Now chiffon, in park city isn’t the easiest thing to find. So what do I do, I get organza. Courtney Love is not going to know the difference.. hahahaha.

So off to the Villa I go, with unboxed machine and all my goodies that I purchased in my scavenger hunt that morning. Must say the conditions weren’t too shabby.










544043_10200458335009083_2024682153_n (1)





I entered her bedroom around 1pm where she was still in bed. A gorgeous oversized king bed with the fireplace burning and TV on.  I am shown the shirt and it’s noticeable that I cannot pass off white organza for off white chiffon Laurent shirt. Yes I said that right, Laurent shirt. Actually the entire outfit she was wearing that  night for the concert was Laurent. She wants me to add additional fabric to a Laurent shirt as if she was walking into a chinese laundry service for a simple alteration! I was mortified instantly as she said to me “honey, this isn’t chiffon” I reply, “Organza, chiffon, same thing.”.. LOL .”No honey it’s not, but it will do”. So here I am with organza in my hand being asked to sew it to the bottom of this gorgeous, beautiful piece of Laurent.



As I begin cutting away I realized that this was turning out pretty darn good. That with what I working with I was able to accomplish what she asked.  Shirt is pinned and ready to be sewn, but not without Courtney trying it on first to be sure it’s right. Once again perfect timing.

The voice that is undeniable as I hear it. Courtney ventured out of her bedroom to yell to her manager that she needs the makeup artist to bring her a wig. Brown, not too dark, curly, but not too curly. Long. Standing in her bohemian sheer shirt and see thru underwear in the middle of the kitchen, now’s my opportunity. “Courtney, glad you’re here, get over here honey to try this one for me before I ruin it forever”. She obliges and strips naked for me so I may help and assist her on putting on the shirt without sticking her with the pins.  Note: her body is gorgeous and rocking!

She placed it on, said it was perfect and she was happy. We were ready to go forward and ruin this Laurent shirt. hahaha!

She proceeds to go back and grab the rest of her outfit, the suit and explain to me what she needs done. The pin stripe Laurent suit was absolutely gorgeous. It had to be the softest thing I’ve felt in a suit in my entire life. She complained that the buttons on the arms are stitched so she can’t roll the sleeves up, as she must do to play the guitar. She also was worried that it was too tight in the shoulders. As she is wearing the jacket she proceeds to say …

See how it’s too tight in the shoulders? If I want to pull a Ted Nugent  and rock out (as she is pretending to play the guitar as she swirls her arms in the air) it may rip.

She wanted me to rip the entire lining out of this jacket. UGH.. Let me see what I can do here. The pants, as I helped her into them, fit so nicely around her, but they were straight, she wanted them to be skinny.

“What shoes are you wearing Court?” I asked. “Flats, I never wear heels when I’m rocking out” she replied. I knew she normally is barefoot. But I asked.  We marked her knees off and how tight she wanted the pants and away I went.



I finished up my work, but I had to wait, because Courtney was chanting. 45 minutes later, the door opens and Courtney is in full makeup that she did herself and wearing one of her own pieces from her line. It was odd, but really awesome. She looked great.

Now time for her to try on everything. She exits her bedroom and proceeds to the stove. This part I love. Courtney turns on the stove to light her cigarette. So rock star, I love it. Courtney also had another dress from her line but was unsure of how it worked or how it was to be put on. I helped her. It was gorgeous. In my hand is that dress from her line, which is so very cool. e rest of the wares I finished.

But my work was not done!!!!

Now I was asked to try to fix some burn holes in the comforter of this Non Smoking Villa’s very expensive bed spread. I obliged and did my best to fix the several burn holes.

Best part, I’m now VIP on the list for her show that night. Mika Romantic and I are on the list under Courtney to see the show. Wow! NOTE: THERE ARE MORE PIECES TO THIS STORY, BUT I’M A PROFESSIONAL AND WON’T DISCLOSE ANYTHING ELSE PUBLICLY. WANT TO KNOW MORE, EMAIL ME.. LOL

We end our Sundance night with dinner with friends, Gotham, and then Courtney Love concert. I must say a pretty darn successfull Sundance.

Theres’ much much more to share with Sundance and all the great people we met and funny great stories, but honestly the Courtney thing was pretty amazing and I needed to share. But check out pics from Sundance as we update them as we get them. We’ve also had some great press as well, Yahoo pics and etc… and they will continue to come I’m sure.

Check back.



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Small Business to Business, Business - Simple Protocols and Expectations for those small businesses doing business with each other to business

Small Business to Business, Business, Yes I said that right. Small Businesseses that do business with each other should really understand some simple protocols and expectations that all small businesses should impose on each other.

I’m a small business owner first and foremost. I’m not in a sorority trying to make friends. If I make some along the way, WONDERFUL, but it’s not my priority.

I’m not going to drag this out, I’m going  to make this really simple for all to use as a simple check list to working with small businesses and each other in this very fast moving business world.


  1. Do create clear expectations with what you want, including due dates. This is so very important. Small businesses sometimes are bit more lax on setting deadlines on each other. Especially when they have been growing a rather nice friendship and comradery. Don’t miss out on this creating of expectations and setting clear deadlines and due dates. Ball Buster Version: send them these deadlines via calendar tasks. I’ve done it in my past, and some people just need this. 
  2. Do get it in writing. After meetings or conference calls it’s always best to follow up what you discussed during those meetings via email. I personally like to create a project timeline where I continually update calls and/or meetings with notes ongoing. Share this with your other small business owner, I’m sure they will appreciate the “keeping things on track” mentality for all. Ball Buster Version: Have them sign off on what it is that you’re telling them was discussed.
  3. Do speak up when you’re not feeling comfortable with outcomes or situations.  Just because you’re a small business and may not have the large name or brand behind you, doesn’t mean you have to settle. When you’re not feeling like you’re getting what you want from the business transaction, speak up. You’re money is just like anyone else’s money. If you’re not feeling comfortable with how things are working out, this includes deadlines and outcome of work, speak up. Trust your gut with these things. Ball Buster Version: I don’t think this one needs a Ball Buster Version. It’s pretty clear, as you should be when you’re talking about what you’re not kosher with. (Well we know what my true version is, but I don’t want to give that away to those that don’t know me.
  4. Do share when you’re  pleased and happy with the progress and or work. Let them know when you’re happy with the work you’re getting or results of their work. Even better their commitment to the project. Showing anyone appreciation during a project or job is very important. Job complete and you’re very satisfied, share this on their website or facebook page, sharing your great experience helps them and you in the long run.  Ball Buster Version : Rave about what they have done, and insert a “But…” in it. Don’t do this, but I think it’s funny to insert one ball buster per ‘Do’.
  5. Do try to correct or compensate when you make an error. We all make mistakes, it’s how you handle the mistake. First be professional. There is no crying in small business! Focus on a solution or a way to resolve the problem. If money is involved do what you can to resolve it, even it means that you work something out with the business owner. Ball Buster Version: Insist on compensation when an error is made upon you. Seek legal help when necessary. Don’t let small businesses take advantage. Just because they don’t have a big name behind them and the money, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be held responsible. 


  1. Don’t make it personal. It’s business, don’t get personal with ANYTHING! They start talking about their marital problems, cut it off and keep it to business. Remember you have enough friends, it’s nice to be cordial but you can never be friends, friends in the true sense, with anyone that you’re paying or are getting paid to do business with or for. You are nice, like me, and want to help and be nice, but don’t do it. Keep it professional at all times. Ball Buster Version: Don’t do business with people that air their drama and dirty laundry to you.
  2. Don’t show up to meetings unprepared. Don’t come to the table without what you want and without a pen and paper. It shows a lack of professionalism. Come prepared with samples, ideas and be a professional. Ball Buster Version: someone shows up to a meeting with you without a pen and paper, end the meeting immediately. There’s not a person on the planet that can remember it all. End the business. 
  3. Don’t over commit. Know your limits and check out theirs. Know who you’re working with, what they have done and more importantly what you want them to do or what you can do for them. Don’t over exaggerate your own expertise and try to back up what their claims. If you can’t do a job, be clear that it’s outside of  your realm and also make it clear you need for them to be honest on what they can and cannot do. This can even be concerning timing. They may already have jobs on their plate and there is no room for you. You need to be clear what your needs are. You also need to be honest and NEVER over compensate something you think you CAN do. Ball Buster Version: Ask them what they currently have going on and what they have done in the past. Prove it.
  4. Don’t pretend to be a nice person. Remember you’re running a business. Probably your livelihood and maybe your family’s livelihood. Why would you be nice because they are local and your scared. Pretend for a moment they are someone on the other end, a large corporation like a bank. Would you be so kind? NO! It’s your baby, your biz! You need to fend for you business first. Ball Buster Version: You will burn bridges, you will burn cities. But who cares. Run your business and take no prisoners. 

Let me just say that as a small business owner and one that has been on both sides of the coin on all of the above, I have found that we should all be encouraged to work and use other small businesses. I’m the biggest support of small business as I am one. It’s a huge fish tank out there and be leery of the many sharks and those that have nothing but their own self interest. But there are also, many many wonderful small businesses, that out weigh the bad. Keep it real and be honest, even when it “burns bridges” and be there to help and encourage our other small business owners.

I’ve met hundreds of small business owners over the last two years and work with many of them. Am very satisfied with the majority of what I have received and the workmanship is unbelievable. The comradery that I have and yes, friendships I have built.

Be  a supporter of small business to business as you yourself a small business, but be a smart small business to business entrepreneur.



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House of Minerva’s 2012 Fruit Cake contest. 

We searched high and low to find one fruit cake or maybe two, that would make me change my mind on the fruitcake. I have had a long disgust for the holiday classic, the fruitcake.

I always felt that the fruitcake itself wasn’t only just not appealing to the eye, but to my mouth. I never could understand it. Let me just first tell you that I am in no way a food snob. I eat pretty much everything. From sauerkraut to koren kimchi, but never have I been able to understand this tradition. What’s even worse.. it tricks you. It’s name is Fruit Cake.. two things I love, Fruit and Cake. But boy is it nothing like you would picture in your head.

I was pleased to see so many people reached out and wanted to partake in the fun of this contest.  We initially had over 20 people entered, but knowing this crazy time of year, people couldn’t find the time to get me the cakes. We did have 5 people entered.


For the traditional fruitcake we had:

Sharon Vidmar McCarthy  of Surge Communications and Maureen Augenstein of Glass Doctor Lehigh Valley who submitted one of her favorites from a baker that she gets it from every year.

For the non traditional, or ones take/version on the fruitcake we had:

John Toner of Freckle Face Fudge, with his fudge; Dina Wanamaker of Passionate Kisses Cake and Catering with her cake and Susan Simonnet with her version of the cake who truly was up for the challenge.


This was tough. I have to say, I’m still not a fan even after the contest. It’ s not saying anything for ones cooking or expertise, it’s just my pallette I’m afraid.

We did the video, which came out amazing. Thanks Mika Romantic for once again a phenominal partnership and amazing editing.

The two winners won a House of Minerva Apron and a $100 Gift Card to use on

Congratulations to the winners!

Sharon Vidmar McCarthy  of Surge Communications with her authentic version of the fruitcake.


John Toner of Freckle Face Fudge for his clever version of fruitcake fudge


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Our 2013 Pin Up Calendar

featuring Mika Romantic and why we stuck to true pin up.

Anyone that knows or has been following my two years with House of Minerva know how I am truly inspired by Vintage on all levels and more importantly Pin Up and Pin Up Calendars. Something, for whatever reason, I always felt connected to and always felt like I should have been born in a different era.

One day a few months ago I was reading some marketing ideas and one thing that popped out is the paper calendar. Yeah I know, right, paper calendar, who uses those anymore. Well believe it or not the research is there and people, including me, still use paper calendars. I have the smartphone like everyone else, but nothing like seeing those dates in front of you during the course of the day hanging in your office, kitchen, etc. So I decided that HoM needed a 2013 calendar.

What better way to incorporate things that I love so much, House of Minerva products (of course) and our very own face of HoM, Mika Romantic and a true pin up calendar. I wanted to be sure we kept to the core of Pin Up with some amazing shots that would wow our customers and Mika’s fans. All the while keeping with a classy, elegant and fun group of photos. Trust me we had hundreds of photos to try to pic 12 months from! It wasn’t easy.

Now let me just first explain how I feel that Pin Up in general has turned into something very “stripperesque” (yeah I made that word up).

And how true pin up was very sexy, classy and kitsch in my eyes.  That’s what makes Pin Up so awesome. Elegant ladies at times looking awkward but still so amazing and beautiful.  More importantly, Pin Up is real, a real woman. Hips, boobs, curves and legs. Nothing fake… No fake lips, no fake boobs and let’s not name the 100 other things that we see on a daily basis with women today. Now, I’m not knocking any of that, heck I want some surgery myself… but it’s not true to form Pin Up in my eyes.

House of Minerva is very lucky to have the amazing Mika Romantic, who is really flawless and embodies the element of Pin Up. When I began developing the concepts with Mika, we were just amazed with how our ideas came together and more importantly we were able to create them to every detail with The Moment Photography and the lovely Terree Yeagle who was able to listen to my rants and get exactly what I wanted in this photo shoot and more importantly this calendar.

House of Minerva was determined to create a True to Life Pin Up Calendar that was classy, sexy, beautiful and fun, and I must admit, we have outdone all of that. Inspired by the likes of Betty Grable and many of these ladiesfrom the 50′s.  I’ve been proud of a lot of things I’ve done in the last two years, and this calendar is definitely in the top 5!

My point being? If you’re looking for raunchy, exposed stuff, our calendar won’t be for you. Our calendar represents what I would consider True Pin Up! I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it all together.


Now go out and get one of our 2013 Pin Up Calendar, give to someone this holiday season or keep for yourself. They are on Pre Order now.




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Blogging is a fundamental piece to any business.

So I’m told and I agree. I’ve struggled lately with finding the time to speak my mind and share worthwhile content. At times my thoughts are filled with so many ideas and, oh yeah opinions, that I find it hard to formulate them. I am sure everyone has felt this at one point in their Blog Writing chapters.

Yes I have tried some of the tips I’ve read about and here is my take on them.  If you know me, you know I’m sarcastic, but this really is almost a plea for help. For those other business owners that realize how important this is, yet still struggle. I need your input and I value that.
  1. Write During Lunch : What lunch? Oh am I suppose to take time for lunch. Why didn’t someone tell me this.
  2. Stay Up Late or Wake Up Early: I can’t wake up before 6 a.m. and can’t go to bed any later than 1 a.m. You know the House of Minerva Schedule I’m already living.
  3. Get someone to write it for you. : Are you serious? That’s just silly to me. Why bother. I would never want anyone to be ME! And I’m sorry the day blogging is so important to business that it’s ok for it not to be me, sharing my opinion or content, sign me out!
  4. Make an appointment to Blog: Ok, yeah sure, I’ll put it right between the other 10 things on my to do list.
  5. And this list could go on and on, but we have all read the same suggestions.

So NO, I’m not poo pooing Blogging and the help I’ve read. But I noticed one thing. I don’t like reading blogs that have been noticeably forced. You can feel it when you read the pointless content that is grasping at every straw possible.

I also don’t like content that has been obviously stolen from another blog. I can’t stand that. I would rather wait and read a blog from something authentic than a repeat of something I have read. If  you follow something in particular, you know when it’s been a repeat, just saying.

I do believe that I’m pretty savvy with my time management. Sure I goof off once and while with my employees, but that’s why they love being MY employee. If it’s between blogging and goofing off and having a laugh with the people that help me day to day to make this happen, sorry blogger fans, it’s my employees.

And one other thing. I can’t write. I write like I speak. I know people cringe, but I never said I was any of the greats like Dickens, Orwell, Bronte or Faulkner, and let’s throw in Stephanie Meyer and oh yeah Judy Blume. I always said I wanted to improve, but sheesh, I don’t have time to blog let alone take lessons or classes on fixing my grammar and my writing. I know how to write, I just chose not too do it as I was taught. It’s easier to write with my Philly accent than to suppress it.

I’m looking for others to comment and share with me how you manage your blog and your time.

How you manage the following things:

How do you manage you time to blog?

How do you manage your content so that it’s not forced?


Would love your input and share something other than those common things I’ve read. We’re working hard small business people. I need real and true input. HELP



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Hurricane Sandy You Don’t Scare Me…

 But you sure do put a monkey wrench into my plans!

A Hurricane a coming.

I always loved the episode of the Golden Girls when Sophia was preparing for the Hurricane. 

Last year Halloween was ruined by another nasty storm that took our electric for several days. Luckily this time, party still on for tomorrow night and we have the weekend to prepare. But seriously, Sandy, don’t you see that I have so much to do and how I had things planned for early next week.

So this brings me to ask the question, what do you do when you lose electric or have to batten down the hatches for a storm? No TV or Computers possibly. Any ideas on passing time with the family.

Sure we could potentially clean the fridge out and eat everything, but I’m not looking to pack on another 5lbs in 2 days.  There are many ideas out there for children, and keeping them busy during the electric being out, but what about the adults?

Do you have any games that you play, sing some songs, play some instruments? Do you twiddle your thumbs? Play with the animals?

Share your ideas here and help not only me but many others that may need some creative help to get through this Hurricane.


I remember we use to do house of cards. LOL is that even an option anymore? Sure thing.



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Expert? Prove it!

Lately I have been overwhelmed with how many people come to me saying they are social media experts and can help me with my social medial. First, I have that covered already, shout out to Cloud21 PR,  but that’s not what this is all about. I’m in no way an expert on this subject, I just know what has been successful for me as a small business and what worked for me.  Now I do believe that I am good at a few things with my biz, social media marketing. To me it’s really rolled up in one.

I know many small businesses that aren’t quite up to speed on this social media marketing and I feel very bad for those companies that may be taken advantage of from companies and businesses that claim they are “experts” at social media and blogging.

Let me just be brutally honest.  I must also tell you that this is what I have seen, found, experienced and also as a company and a brand that I have felt or made decisions surrounding. Meaning, enjoy the information but I am not making statements that what you are doing is wrong, it’s what I have seen and experienced.

I like to use this analogy because I have a friend in the remodeling business and she comes to mind often. If you had someone come in to remodel your kitchen for $30,000 would you just take their word that they can do a good job? You probably would want references, recommendations, before and after pics to backup the claim they can do what you’re asking them to do. Then why wouldn’t you do the same thing for you brand or company. Why would you just believe someone that says they know Social Media Marketing without backing it up. Don’t be fooled by the words they throw around.  Here are a few so called “fancy” WORDS.. 

  • SEO
  • Hashtag
  • Link Building
  • Keyword Density
  • External/Internal Link
  • Podcast
  • RSS Feed
  • you get what I’m saying……..

Well they can throw all those words around but who cares. What do they have to back it up?

And then all the social media platforms they will throw around claiming you must be part of: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest….. on and on and on. Hey knew one I do love, Pheed.

Well now down to the meat and potatoes. Insert picture of Meat and Potatoes because when can I ever use an image of Meat and Potatoes??? (Not to mention I’m hungry)


I’m going to just do a quick listing of things that have jumped out at me, and some of these things may sting, and again, not directed to offend, just what my company as a brand needed and decided against… Oh did I mention, I’m sort of a genius. Just saying.

  1. Hey social media guru, how many twitter followers do you have?  How can you help me with my twitter followers when you or your biz has 118? And please don’t tell me that you focus on your clients and not yours.. BS.
  2. Hey social media guru, how many Facebook followers or likes do you have? Same as above…
  3. Do you understand my business and what our goals are, can you keep up?
  4. You can’t get me 5000 twitter followers in a day, and if you can, they aren’t content worthy. I want followers that will be customers not just a number. Content based. Mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, celebs, pr, media a like. Can you gear my campaign appropriately? Be sure you have someone that understands your needs. Stop thinking it’s a numbers game. Numbers won’t help, content will.
  5. What’s your Klout score? Not that this is really worth much, but it’s a good guide for you. Klout scores can help you understand one presence. I would not even hire an employee with a low Klout Score let alone my social media and marketing expert. 
  6. Advertising from the olden days does not apply. It’s not your age, I know lots of wonderful out of this world social media experts well in their 60s. But if your marketing ideas are old and do not envelop social media then you better have someone to your left or right that you refer to. Marketing is marketing, not much changes, but if my goal is social media platform and you are claiming to do that, you better not think that a #ff is the answer. (Note: if you didn’t get the reference of  #ff then run to the hills. )
  7. We will setup your blog and even write your very first blog? Really? you are going to write like you are me? Like you know me? Why wouldn’t one want to train and coach and have your client understand. Get out of my way, you’re not me, you could never be me. Why would you offer to write my blog? What is the point of a blog? Sheesh. (Note: Setting up a blog is not hard, everyone has one and there are articles that are a few paragraphs that can tell you how to do it. The only thing is understanding how to get found and read. That’s the game, that’s the ultimate game.)
Ok, enough enough I know I know. anyway,  comment please.  I have so much more, but it’s a blog, not a war and peace novel. 


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What’s Wrong With Freckles?

If you’re asking me, NOTHING.

I was inspired recently by W Magazine with the lovely and amazing Penelope Cruz that adorns this months cover.  I was so pleasantly surprised when my copy arrived in the mail the other day and fell immediately in love once again with what some may say are her  imperfections, those things called FRECKLES. I’ve always thought she was one of the most beautiful women. More of a shocker and delighted to see that W Mag has her on the cover with FRECKLES exposed and not covered with cosmetics or worse, photoshopped out. They did not photoshop them out, isn’t that shocking? She looks gorgeous. A cleaner look than most cover mags and just sheer beauty.

Let me just say, as a redhead, with freckles I am so excited to see this on one of the most amazing magazines, and appearing, as I see it flawless, on Penelope Cruz. Now I’m not going to say that nothing was photoshopped on this image, I don’t know. All I do know is that she is appearing and her freckles are noticeable.

Let me also give a quick note to her necklace in this photo. If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been so excited about the baroque movement that looks to be a very popular look this fall. One of my favorites and am so very pleased to see this in lots of the fashions this fall. This necklace by Lynn Ban is an amazing piece demonstrating this look to the tea. Now I was shocked to learn that this was a Ban piece. My knowledge of this Lynn Ban is that she was very vintage inspired but her pieces at Barneys to me always seemed so modern and cutting edge. Not the every day. But this piece, necklace here, is AMAZING. Note the price tag for this is over $8,000.  If you can find it somewhere, would love for you to share it. I’ve looked and cannot locate it at this time.

Back to the Freckles! When I grew up freckles were UGLY, I mean people still talk about them being ugly. Wasn’t there a pathetic piece of CRAP that talked about Lindsey Lohan and her freckles and red snatch? Well, whatever. My mother use to tell me they were kisses from the sun. I still believe that.

Did you know there is a site dedicated to HOT Freckles? Yep. There are also sites and products out there claiming to help you get rid of these unsightly disgusting creatures that linger on your face and body. True.

What I can tell you, is that Freckles are no different than identifiers to a person with certain genes and traits. American Indians have traits I may not have, Italians have certain genetic traits and then there are the Irish and Scottish and other cultures that carry the genetic trait of having freckles.

Let’s define a Freckle:Freckles are clusters of concentrated melanin which are most often visible on people with a fair complexion. A freckle is also called an “ephelis”. Freckles do not have an increased number of melanin producing cells (melanocytes).

Freckles can be found on anyone no matter their genetic background; however, having freckles is geneticand is related to the presence of the melanocortin-1 receptor MC1R gene variant.The formation of freckles is triggered by exposure to sunlight. The exposure to UV-B radiation activates melanocytes to increase melanin production, which can cause freckles to become darker.

Freckles are predominantly found on the face, although they may appear on any skin exposed to the sun, such as the shoulders. Freckles are rare on infants, and more commonly found on children before puberty. Upon exposure to the sun, freckles will reappear if they have been altered with creams orlasers and not protected from the sun, but do fade with age in some cases. They can also be treated with citric acid.

Freckles are not a skin disorder, but people with freckles generally have a lower concentration of photoprotective melanin and are therefore more susceptible to the harmful effects of UV-radiation. It is suggested that they avoid overexposure and use sunscreen.

I like my freckles, I like my kids freckles and think that it makes me who I am. Not in a defining manner, but is my character. I feel at times I earned them. All the years of teasing of being a redhead and having them, I earned every one and wear them so proud. I don’t even want to address all the articles and people out there asking to be helped to cover up or remove their freckles. Freckles aren’t cancerous, they aren’t ugly, it’s not a big hairy mole, not like there is anything wrong with the hairy mole, just saying.

If you have freckles or kids have freckles would love to know what you think?

A great quote from Bill Cosby “I wasn’t always black…there was this freckle, and it got bigger and bigger.”

Share some photos if you like of you, freckles exposed and all! I see a movement and Penelope has really inspired me. Let her inspire you.



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We have a new bag this week that we are launching this week. There’s a little problem, we don’t have a name for it.

Annabella designed this bag and we are so excited. As creative as this girl, she is my daughter, is, we can’t think of a name.

We decided what better way to launch a new bag then to ask our fans and customers to help us. Name the New Bag! Here’s a bit about the bag to help you come up with a suggestion. If Bella picks your name for the bag.. .YOU WIN THE NEW BAG! Before anyone else gets their hands on it.

House of Minerva new Bag Launch

A few things about this bag. FIRST THIS IS AN AWESOME COOL BAG!

  1. The bag is a cross body bag with fully adjustable strap, make it longer or make it shorter. Fits everyone.
  2. The bag is wipeable, what?? Yep, we used a clear vinyl over fabric to create this awesome look. 
  3. Has a fold over lip and magnetic closure to keep all your goodies safe and secure.
  4. One pocket to fit a cell phone, smart phone.
  5. There are two metal hoops that hold the strap to the base of the bag.
  6. These bags will come in many prints, outside and inside but always have the vinyl over it. Vinyl is not inside the bag, only outside, including the strap. 
  7. The one here that you can WIN is the very popular Family Reunion print. This is fun and funky and a bit on the dark side. Lined with coordinated colored fabric. 
  8. We will announce the winner by Friday 8/31/2012. 
So what do you think? Can you think of a clever name that we can use for this. I called it the Cross Over “Body Bag” since it was vinyl it’s sort of like a Body Bag.. LOL. Bella wasn’t too thrilled with that one.
Here is the BAG… Just comment here and we’ll pick the winner. We’ll also be taking submissions via Facebookwhen we post it. You can just add your name on Facebook under the post.


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