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Social Film Loft Cover Pic

January 13, 2014, for immediate Release:

Sundance 2014 promises to be unforgettable as standards are being set to dazzle and interact with the festivals celebrities and media as never before. This year, House of Minerva, Cloud 21 PR and Incubator have teamed up to create the Social Film Loft, a unique and interactive experience, filled with a series of seductive and classic events. The Social Film loft will take place at 738 Main Street, Park City Utah starting January 17th.

During the day, the Social Film Loft, official hub for, will be turned into an exclusive celebrity luxury gifting lounge, powered by Google +. KTLA’S Sam Rueben, ABC LIVE, BillBoard, Spin,  and radio host Kellie Koppel from “Its so LA,” along with Mickey Glazer of will be providing audiences with the hottest updates of each day. Most Influential Magazine will unveil their Sundance Edition . The lounge will also convert into a “man cave” on football Sunday as guests enjoy the playoffs with fine cigars and Auchentoshan whiskey all day long. Tom Funk of 4K Film festival will also be present at the venue and will be providing a little surprise for the attendees. The venue will also transform into a press hub, serving as a hosting suite to some of the most talked about films at the festival – Cooties, Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead, Liar’s Dice, and Killers to name a few. Day activities will also consist of industry panels catering to the indie filmmakers attending the Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals.  House of Minerva, along with our other brand gifting partners:  Edith’s Inc.,  Mine Label, Cape Cod Leather, Pocket Rocket Apparel – Australia, Butchers Bunches Preservatives, Native Shoes, Real American Denim, Stone + Cloth Backpacks, and NIXON watches.

In the evening, the Houston Brothers  will create three unforgettable, star-studded nights of nostalgia, with each night offering a uniquely crafted culture, adorned with a unique outdoor cigar lounge that exudes sophistication. Friday, No Vacancy presents an intriguing speakeasy-inspired Old Hollywood vibe, enhanced with a special burlesque debut, created by Kate Elfatah’s The Looking Glass Revue. On Saturday, a surprise guest DJ for a night of  Dirty Laundry, as the Houston Brothers entice us with an intimate and sexy bootleg atmosphere. Sunday the lounge will turn into Harvard and Stone’s Soda Pop Night, as Chris Masterson, aka DJ Chris Kennedy leads the birthday celebration of brother, Danny Masterson.

House of Minerva, an exclusive design house that makes handmade women’s handbags and accessories will be gifting and producing the venue in partnership with PR firm, Cloud 21 and Incubator. Owner and designer, Kate Elfatah is quickly becoming a Sundance veteran as this will be her third year gifting and her first year at the helm of a celebrity lounge and gifting suite. Kate has been a successful business owner for over 4 years and has cultivated a viable consulting business; she currently mentors and guides other businesses in developing a broader presence utilizing various forms of social media.

Casting her net into performing arts, Kate has teamed up with award winning burlesque performer and model, Mika Romantic to bring the glamour and mystic back to a reemerging art form.  The Looking Glass Revue is a high energy Classic Burlesque Troupe from The East Coast. The show consists of four beautiful costumed Burlesque Performers who are classically trained dancers and veterans of the Burlesque scene. The show features comedy a resident MC and stand up-comic who keep the show rolling with brilliant timing. The show embodies the classic era of Burlesque that tempts the audience with a nostalgic taste of old Hollywood. The Looking Glass Revue will transport you back to a simpler time; a time when showgirls and starlets reigned supreme. The Troupe will be performing during the weekend of Friday, January 17th through Monday, January 20th. In addition to performing, the Troupe will serve as ambassadors during celebrity gifting to add a vintage flair to the festivities.



Kate Elfatah


*Note: House of Minerva and their associates have no affiliation with Sundance Film Festival and Slamdance Film Festival all subsidiaries.


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We’re not just turning the clocks back but we’ve turned back these prices on our entire Cosmetic Bag Collection.


Get them now until Monday 11/4/13 for just


Stock up on some for the holidays or just get a few for yourself.


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Be 1 of 3 winners we will pick to receive 2 House of Minerva Halloween inspired Cosmetic Bags. One for you and one for a friend. (3 Prizes of 2x cosmetic bags for a total of 6 bags we are giving away)




Panel 0




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Jeremy Scott Fashion Week 2013

Jeremy Scott’s Spring 2013 Ready To Wear Collection at New York Fashion Week 2013.

Jeremy Scott is not new to controversies; this American designer has often come in to the limelight for his designs being more conceptual and artsy, rather than actually being wearable at all. However, this year, the designer proved at the New York Fashion Week that there is more to his line than just being ‘high art’, as some of his clothes truly hit the mark.

Jeremy Scott New York Fashion Week 2013

Jeremy Scott started his fashion line way back in 1997; his designs have been an evolution of his whimsy and personal sense of style, changing drastically from one season to another. Yet, one thing that fashion connoisseurs have come to expect from Jeremy’s collection is a sense of art and culture in every season’s new line, and the designer has notoriously always delivered. This year too, the New York Fashion Week saw his famous ‘Shaggy Green Coat’ that received a lot of attention. Some claimed the ‘British bird Orville’ was the inspiration behind the design, while others were impressed about the fact that finally here was a designer who came up with an outfit the model was more than happy to sport, considering the harsh weather conditions at NYFW this time around which made dressing for comfort over style a highly more desirable option for the runway model.

Outrageous designs that appeal to stars

Irrespective of how outrageous Jeremy Scott’s designs may be there is a reason that stars like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry are his biggest fans.

His sense of style is intrinsically flamboyant, and truly unique, which is what draws these stars to his collections season after season. From one legged pants to dresses shaped like a clam, the designs he displays at the NYFW are just a mere glimpse of this designer’s creativity. This season too, his signature style came through shining bright through the Spring Summer 2014 collection which was unveiled at the New York Fashion Week this September.

While each of the outfit’s had Jeremy’s personal artsy touch, they seemed to be a mix and match of bold patterns and materials that looked inspired by mid-century designs. From animal prints to polka dots to even retro prints that looked rather psychedelic, his designs showed a distinctive edge that was more androgynous, featuring blazers, button down shirts, pants, mesh vests and lacquered suits in striking colors.

Ready To Wear Collection

Jeremy Scott New York Fashion Week 2013

Jeremy Scott’s Ready To Wear Collection received a lot of appreciation, with strong colors and unisex styles that appealed to both men and women. The designer has a flair for androgynous styles, and considering that this season ‘androgyny’ is all the rage, his designs were far better received at the NYFW as compared to previous years.   

From animal inspired designs that included both snake-skin and leopard prints to vibrant colors that can brighten up the upcoming cold weather to even blingy chain designs with the big and bold dollar sign in gold, this season the Jeremy Scott collection has many fast sellers. With unisex looks that came complete with matching footwear, this NYFW the designer has proved that some things do in fact change for the better!

If you love Jeremy Scott New York Fashion Week see more from NYFW.


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Anna Sui Fashion Week 2013 

Anna Sui at NY Fashion Week 2013. Anna Sui’s runway collections have always been anticipated by the hip and young fashion sets.

Always the designer who infuses her love and penchant for rock ‘n roll, the arts, and eras of decades past, her aesthetic has always remained the same, making for a distinctly Anna Sui look.The American designer’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, which just showed at the New York Fashion Week this past September 11, had all of Sui’s elements – an homage to the past, tinged with music and cultural references, and always embraced by the designer’s current obsessions in art and culture.

anna sui fashion week

Anna Sui

Having been inspired by her travels early in the year, Anna Sui’s collection is based on the Pre-Raphaelites tapestry collection of Jimmy Page, which she saw at an exhibit at the Tate Modern in London early this year. This spawned her idea of creating Victorian-inspired clothes that are fit for the modern bohemian. During her travels in a safari with her nieces and nephew this summer, she was enthralled by Masai men’s draping of fabrics around their body, inspiring her to add this element to her current collection. In a trip to Indonesia, the golden crowns of Balinese dancers attracted her so much that she also infused these elements to her designs. All these inspirations from her world travels created the Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2014 collection, creating a wonderfully crafted set of 51 ensembles all with a distinct Anna Sui look, with subtle takes on all three inspirations.

Karen Elson, Anna Sui’s favorite model and muse for the past several years, opened the show in a dreamy dress with Victorian-garden prints, golden trims, and a feather headdress that set the tone for the entire collection. Sashaying down the runway to folksy music and a painted backdrop with the style of 60′s design collective The Fool, the collection evoked an air of a laid back attitude and a major hippie bohemian vibe.

anna sui fashion week 2013

The next clothes show printed chiffon billowy dresses, vests, shorts, and cropped pants in rich fabrics, embroidery and crochet details, metallic threads, and lace trimmings. Models’ hair and make up had a reference to bohemian girls of the 60′s, with long undone waves and glowing skin as if they were radiating from inside. Accessories included scarves wrapped around the head, neck, and shoulder, flower headbands, Gypsy chain headpieces, flat and knee high gladiator sandals, and even African inspired accessories. Colors ranged from nude to gold, muted orange, rich shades of blue, and deep purples – as if all the clothes were vintage finds from a trunk or a painting that you’d find in an old Victorian castle.

Anna Sui has been a staple in the New York Fashion Week since the 90′s, showing two collections per year and wowing her many followers who are always looking forward to her next collection.

Sofia Coppola is a front row staple in Anna Sui’s shows, as well as Vanessa Hudgens who fits just right with the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Anna Sui’s Fashion Week show makes you want to don her chiffon maxi dresses, lounge in an old Victorian palace, or wear her lavish tunics and elaborately detailed vests, tapestry bags, and hippy-inspired headpieces to a California music festival under the heat of the sun.


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Life changes at the drop of a hat and it’s how you decide to deal and more importantly cope with those changes that will make or break you. I’m sharing this personal piece, finally, after several months.  I’ve made this decision because I value those that have trusted in me for these years as a small business and to hide something seemed very silly and trivial to me.  I wanted those that know me, personally and within business that “shit happens” to us all. Including me! change

My husband and I have decided to end our marriage. As I have made many decisions to come to this point, was not an easy one, but one that I could not change or anything I could do for a different outcome. 

This is a story like many people,  of change and how life is not perfect for anyone, even those around that may on the outside look that way. I’ve decided that House of Minerva and my business is my focus and more than anything my continued passion that I’m even more driven to succeed. I could sit around and feel sorry for my failures, but instead I am looking “onward and upward” to another new chapter in my life. A wonderful one, I know that. 

During this process I’ve learned a few things about myself and how I’ve been able to cope with this change.

  • Looking at this “change” as a process, it’s not happening overnight to feel bettter and get back normalcy, it’s a process.
  • Choosing my thoughts and feelings appropriately in response to what’s going on around me. Take time to breathe and not to feel out of control.
  • Setting daily goals. I made goals for myself over these few months. They were as simple as making a phone call I needed to make to sorting thru those drawers I hadn’t been able to get to for months. 
  • Leaning on friends and family. Probably the most important of this process for me was to lean on those around me for that support I needed, including my amazing children who are grown now and were definitely there for me. 
  • Lastly, pour myself into my passion more than ever. House of Minerva. Creating and doing what I do has always been how I’ve been calmed and sorted in myself.  The best feeling is doing exactly what one may have told you that you could not do. 

We all deal and cope differently, but these were and are the things that have helped me sort this piece of my life out.

Nothing has changed for House of Minerva, we are status quo and growing leaps and bounds more than I ever have wished for. Now with having two additional lines of business, our HoM Burlesque and Comedy Troupe and our Social Media and Small Business Consulting, it will be limitless to what I can accomplish with HoM. 

Sit back and enjoy the continued ride of what is House of Minerva! Thanks for letting me continually share with you.

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My take on what they are saying about the Spring 2013 Fashion Trends : Black and White

Black and White Fashion Trend is in for Spring 2013, finally something right.

I’m saying no one did this Spring 2013 Black and White trend better than Alexander Wang. We can’t just speak of Black and White this spring collection without saying that name, A Wang. Let me tell you why I think he hit this Spring Collection out of the park. First, this what Ready to Wear should be. You’ve got these amazing pieces that you can truly wear. This is Haute Couture, this is RW.  This is “deconstruction” at it’s best. Wang deconstructs the average pieces and creates these amazing pieces that leave me amazed and excited.


Graphic panels of Blacks and Whites, is exactly what Spring is need of. Love the life of pastle colors for spring, but Wang gets it right every time.

Now Marc Jacobs did his thing but he kept it simple and less “sex” appeal to his collection this year. Jacobs did the runway with his matchy matchy with stripes on stripes.

Word on the street is Marc made this statment:

Young girls need to learn that sexiness isn’t about being naked!

Marc Jacobs Black and White Spring 2013 Trend


This is fun and funky and what I would want a Black and White Spring 2013 Trend to be.

I love Black and White trends and I think they never are out. But that ‘s just me.

This Spring, do us all a favor, and step away from the pastels and pretty flowers for a few, and get something Black and White that is just stunning, day or evening. Have that one black leather jacket part of your wardrobe on a chilly night or some striped capris or even some Herringbone shoes.

So Glamour Mag got this one right… Black and White Trends this Spring 2013.



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My take on what they are saying about the Spring 2013 Fashion Trends starting with Bermuda Shorts

well because my opinion matters on Bermuda Shorts.. NOT!

If you know anything about me, Kate, you know how I absolute do not like Glamour Magazine. I think it’s one of the most behind the times, write for a demographic I don’t even know exists, sort of outdated magazine.  Once again they sort of annoyed me, in a small way that is. They recently posted their article about Spring 2013 Most Wearable and here I go, my rant.  My opinion, for entertainment purposes only,  nothing important and who the heck am I, but it’s funny. So for the next few posts, because I can’t do it just one Blog Post, I’ll talk to you about a few of what they think is “hot” for Spring Fashion Trends 2013 and either tell you what I think or what I hope they really mean.  First up…..Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda Shorts – Yeah I wrote it, but they said it.

These things are not what any fashion designer in 2013 was thinking of.
These things are not what any fashion designer in 2013 was thinking of.

Now to their defense, I know they are not speaking of those hideous things we all think of, like being on a beach in Bermuda and the guy with the gold chain and chest hair poking you in the damn eye, they are speaking of a bit more trendy use of fabrics.

Peter Som does a version of "Bermuda Shorts" which I can dig.

Peter Som does a version of “Bermuda Shorts” which I can dig.




Peter Som did them right, but don’t go reading that crap and run off to Old Navy looking for your floral cotton printed bermudas.

That’s not what we are talking about. Most of what’s really on the runway is sophisticated flowing fabrics with slanted pockets. I can’t wear these, these were meant for tall women. I’m not sure how short women would look, definitely very large heels would be in order. Which I’m willing to try and do with Peter Soms.

Purple Bermuda Jean Shorts

Purple Bermuda Jean Shorts

Now these Bermuda Shorts are not Spring 2013 Trend and are not what I think anyone should wear unless you’re, well, in Bermuda and walking a trail in your crocks or something. Oh and be sure if you’re in Bermuda, you have a House of Minerva Beach Bag.

My personal opinion is just go with the capri and call it a day. These just are not flattering if you’re young, under the age of 70. I understand those that don’t want to wear a real “short” but then go with a capri, a stylish short that goes just below the knee but isn’t this right above “Bermuda” style, especially not in a jean.

Flowy fabrics I think you can get away with it, but these aren’t cool, even if you’re doing the 1980′s throwback look and if you’re not under 20, Don’t Do It.

Bottom line, nostalga is great and being comfy is too, but don’t compromise looking ridiculous because fashion mags are telling you something. Jean Bermuda Shorts is never ok… not even a great pastel color.

Hope you enjoyed my take on “Bermuda Shorts” Next up: Chapter 2 : Black and White (yes isn’t that the thing every season, every designer at some point, but it’s new per Glamour along with pastel colors.. LOL)

These guys are a riot in their Bermuda Shorts. I'd hang with them, they look like fun.

These guys are a riot in their Bermuda Shorts. I’d hang with them, they look like fun.


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