So today I just had to write about the 100 million business groups, that I think their intentions are good, but they miss the mark!

A few things I’ll just state matter of factly:

1. Why does a business community need this many business groups? I’ve concluded that as humans we must be part of as many groups to feel important. But is being part of so many helping your business?
2. These seem to be more for those providing services that are also redundant! How many financial advisors are there? Sheesh!
3. people think they should get things for free or be users because you are a “member” of a group! This is business!
4. Bartering I have no need. Again great for the service industry because it’s time and effort etc, but I’m manufacturing, creating etc. my return isn’t great! Not interested. And again always seem to give more than I receive.

Ok regarding events/ networking, expos etc. again we have large, very large companies at expos branding and I feel wasting their time. I don’t know one company that attends a business expo in a small community looking to change their company insurance carrier? I was in that biz for years and never seen it! That’s not how it’s done.

These events should cater to the attendees not the vendors! Vendors are bidding, trying to get me to look at them! Food works, but if your not a caterer why are you serving food to get me to you, especially when your a health coach serving cookies?

Expos should try to have interns or something being an “ambassador” for the vendors and attendees. Ambassador greeting you, getting a quick biz bio and take you to the appropriate vendors you may have interest in.

Lastly! Wow! I have tattoos and I don’t wear a suit etc, and sport some funky hair, does that mean mr vendor I’m not worth conversation. I was ignored by so many approaching tables, people not even looking up at me. I seriously felt like Julia Roberts in pretty woman when she went to the boutiques on rodeo. Mind you, I was NOT dressed as a prostitute but shocked todays world we live in and probably area, I don’t think I was ever looked at or treated like a viable customer. Again, would love to go back and tell those people like Julia did “big mistake, big big mistake” lol

That’s my rant for today!





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