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We have a new bag this week that we are launching this week. There’s a little problem, we don’t have a name for it.

Annabella designed this bag and we are so excited. As creative as this girl, she is my daughter, is, we can’t think of a name.

We decided what better way to launch a new bag then to ask our fans and customers to help us. Name the New Bag! Here’s a bit about the bag to help you come up with a suggestion. If Bella picks your name for the bag.. .YOU WIN THE NEW BAG! Before anyone else gets their hands on it.

House of Minerva new Bag Launch

A few things about this bag. FIRST THIS IS AN AWESOME COOL BAG!

  1. The bag is a cross body bag with fully adjustable strap, make it longer or make it shorter. Fits everyone.
  2. The bag is wipeable, what?? Yep, we used a clear vinyl over fabric to create this awesome look. 
  3. Has a fold over lip and magnetic closure to keep all your goodies safe and secure.
  4. One pocket to fit a cell phone, smart phone.
  5. There are two metal hoops that hold the strap to the base of the bag.
  6. These bags will come in many prints, outside and inside but always have the vinyl over it. Vinyl is not inside the bag, only outside, including the strap. 
  7. The one here that you can WIN is the very popular Family Reunion print. This is fun and funky and a bit on the dark side. Lined with coordinated colored fabric. 
  8. We will announce the winner by Friday 8/31/2012. 
So what do you think? Can you think of a clever name that we can use for this. I called it the Cross Over “Body Bag” since it was vinyl it’s sort of like a Body Bag.. LOL. Bella wasn’t too thrilled with that one.
Here is the BAG… Just comment here and we’ll pick the winner. We’ll also be taking submissions via Facebookwhen we post it. You can just add your name on Facebook under the post.


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