Published on July 10, 2012, by in Small Business.


So tonight I wanted to spend a little time on ladies supporting ladies. Women supporting other women in the world. In particular how we can succeed if we can only feed off of each other in this world and not be the spiteful, twisted minds we at times succumb to.

I’ve recently joined a networking group, this one is different and I knew that I wanted to participate in this group because the ladies that created it, are tough, living life, been there done it, know where I’ve been and where I’m going, kind of girls. Looking to really do good to help women and help themselves with meeting different women as well.

I tend to cringe at groups, I’m not going to lie. Most groups I lose attention quick because it’s the same initial enthusiasm and then drop off to no longer keeping me interested that this is worth my while. Different group. I can’t talk really about it, it’s a SECRET GROUP.. LOL.. it’s called Women Empowering Women.

What makes this different. They only allow one type of business from an area in the group. Meaning you’re not having to compete with the other 20 other business owners for time. You’re special within your trade, business or craft. Local pretty much now, but their idea and their vision is to bring it national.

Oh wait…. one more really big deal. Everyone pretty much has a charity they work with, on a board, give to, support, etc. Walks, money, donations, you name it, these women are something to deal with in the charitable world of making a difference.

Very proud to be part of this and I won’t name drop, and won’t with this group. These ladies know who they are.





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