I was reading an article today regarding Kraft and them pulling out of their support of ALEC and it made me start thinking about opinions and blogging in this new era and how it impacts business. More importantly, business owners blogging and sharing opinions regarding politics, news etc.

If you missed the article I’m speaking of here it is. Kraft Backs Out of ALEC by The Daily Beast.

Since I’m taking this new silly turn into the blogging world and knowing me as I do, it will be inevitable that I share my thoughts and opinions about things. Anything from fashion to gay marriage! You name it, I feel strongly about most of all that I do.

So before I begin on my daily magniloquence, I need to ask this question. What are your thoughts on how blogging and sharing opinions openly on forums such as this impacts ones business? Facebook, where it’s your friends following you, they already know how nuts you are, they are friends on fb for that reason probably. The world of blogging and all the stuff about employers butting heads about social media, it’s a question to be asked.

Im a small business owner and my customers are everything to me. My intent would never be to turn someone off but I also need to be true to myself and feel there is so much to say. I know… I know… since when have I been worried about offending someone. Me the toilet mouthed, dirty joke telling……..

Would seriously love to hear opinions on this topic and I am sure not the first biz owner to ask the question.




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