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I don’t nor never would claim that I’m a perfect parent. I’m only writing this tonight because I made a quick blurb on Facebook and received quite a few likes/responses. So here I blow!

As you may know or maybe you don’t, I am a designer, of many things, but last year saw a need for little girls clothing. Wasn’t really looking to be some big time name, was just hoping a few phenomenal moms would see what I was trying to do. I’m a product of the 70s, so pardon my ignorance with this, but I was a young mom. Had my first at 20 (coed dorms, knocked up, future blog story that’s rather comical, but not now). So I was hip, I was full of energy, but I wasn’t stupid. I didn’t give birth to my daughter and say “my daughter needs to look like an adult immediately” and throw all common sense about being young and innocent. You heard me right, knocked up in college, misguided, but still full of smarts. The day I had this thing called a daughter a few common senses kicked in. House of Minerva girls clothing was to turn things around and keep our little ones exactly that, little!

Don’t we have enough time to be an adult, let it all hang out and out sparkles all over? Why push it. You young moms have no idea. I’m a mom now of a 17 and 19 year old, both girls, and I’ve done a phenomenal job and am proud! Yeah they’re crazy, hello they are from my loins! Where are your loins?

Anyway, my point is, stop making your 5 year old be old beyond her years. Plenty of time for her to be a whore, don’t rush it! I’m serious too. Reality tv with toddlers and tiaras and dance moms! These people are sick! They also are setting themselves up for complete and utter disappointment! See, I love my kids but never over shot! They will be who they are, I support encourage and never over Insert myself. Your life can’t revolve around any one human being, kid or not! And on top of that make them age appropriate. Let them learn and develop their own style!

Hey mom that dresses your kids to the nine for grocery shopping and a million bows and sparkles, what are you showing them? As long as they are clean and not a brat you’re good.

Ok, now from a design perspective, hold on…..

What’s not ok…
1. Bow in hair, bow on shirt, bow on patent leather shoes…..too much and it shows you have OCD
2. Any cutouts in shirts or pants…it’s just wrong and cheap
3. Bedazzle …. STOP! I dont care, but more importantly not ok on your 3 yr olds ass saying juicy!
4. Too much animal print… She looks like she is the 7th on real housewives of Atlanta! I’m just saying!
5. Makeup, really. Come on, she has a life as an adult having to cake it on, Brazilian wax it, don’t rush it.
6. Lastly, for now, nothing novelty! Meaning enough of the Disney, enough of the Sponge Bob, one or two is ok, not a whole wardrobe! And never Veggie Tails lol!

What’s ok:
1. Age appropriate pretty make her feel good stuff!
2. HoM dresses
3. There are so many great, cool, fun and funky wares for kids it’s limitless. That’s why I’m confused.
4. HoM dresses

Let me say that I was never the one to judge anyone! I was the one who didn’t care Miley was on a pole at Teen Choice! Who cares she’s a celebrity and well making money, don’t really nor ever did. It’s a design thing, your kids not cute in that? They look ridiculous and you look even worse!



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