Published on October 26, 2012, by in Random.


Hurricane Sandy You Don’t Scare Me…

 But you sure do put a monkey wrench into my plans!

A Hurricane a coming.

I always loved the episode of the Golden Girls when Sophia was preparing for the Hurricane. 

Last year Halloween was ruined by another nasty storm that took our electric for several days. Luckily this time, party still on for tomorrow night and we have the weekend to prepare. But seriously, Sandy, don’t you see that I have so much to do and how I had things planned for early next week.

So this brings me to ask the question, what do you do when you lose electric or have to batten down the hatches for a storm? No TV or Computers possibly. Any ideas on passing time with the family.

Sure we could potentially clean the fridge out and eat everything, but I’m not looking to pack on another 5lbs in 2 days.  There are many ideas out there for children, and keeping them busy during the electric being out, but what about the adults?

Do you have any games that you play, sing some songs, play some instruments? Do you twiddle your thumbs? Play with the animals?

Share your ideas here and help not only me but many others that may need some creative help to get through this Hurricane.


I remember we use to do house of cards. LOL is that even an option anymore? Sure thing.



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