House of Minerva Conquers Sundance Film Festival 2013 as a brand at the Fender Music Lodge located on Main St. Park City, Utah and tops it off with a chance opportunity with Courtney Love.

Year two of participating in an event at Sundance started out with just making some decisions on where House of Minerva wanted to be. We chose this year to be part of the Fender Music Lodge located in the Courtyard directly on Main St. Park City. What’s better than Fender and the Associate Press Headquarters, which was located directly in then same suite? Pretty much nothing. Our initial press release.

Then the decision was made who was coming with me this time. Pretty easy decision to invite our own “face” of House of Minerva, the lovely Mika Romantic. Not only Mika in person but bring out our 2013 Pin Up Calendar to give out as well.


We decided to do a product that we could take with us that would be fun and yet appropriate for the festival.  We decided to make some great neck warmers that will keep our Park City friends warm but we put some mustache and lips on them to make them full of fun.


Standing outside the famous Egyptian   Theatre. Since it was Mika’s first time, we had to take in some sites and show her around Park City a bit. It’s not all work when we are at Sundance.







Now time to get to all the good stuff. Over the multiple day event, the lodge’s backstage halls were filled with names such as James Franco, Lady Jane Seymour, Alicia Keyes, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Ellen Page, Steve Carrell, Forest Whitaker, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Rob Corddery, Tony Danza, Ken Marino, Corey Feldman, Paris Hilton, Michael Cera, Darryl Hannah, Muriel Hemingway and Courtney Love were amongst the actors and artists backstage in AP’s headquarters and gifting with sponsors.


The highlight personally was the “being at the right place at the right time” when I bumped into Courtney Love and her manager. Courtney was in town to perform Monday night at the Star Bar in Park City. She approached me needing some help with her wardrobe that she chose to wear for the performance and wanted to know if I could help her with adding some pieces to a shirt and altering a few other pieces. What was I to say, but of course I can. Mind you I don’t have anything sewing related with me. No needled, thread, no sewing machine. But that wasn’t stopping me.

The next day her manager, who is amazing, contacted me and wanted to know if I could come to their Villa and do the job. That morning I found myself a sewing machine at the local Walmart, only place that sold them close by, and got all the essentials needed to do the job.  I was determined.

So funny part of the story… Courtney wanted some chiffon added to the bottom of a shirt. She said that it was too short and pulled out of the pants when tucked in and she need some chiffon added. Mind you, I never seen the garment at all, no picture or anything. I messaged her manager and asked what color, he says white. Well I know white chiffon is really off white chiffon. I went with my hunch here. Now chiffon, in park city isn’t the easiest thing to find. So what do I do, I get organza. Courtney Love is not going to know the difference.. hahahaha.

So off to the Villa I go, with unboxed machine and all my goodies that I purchased in my scavenger hunt that morning. Must say the conditions weren’t too shabby.










544043_10200458335009083_2024682153_n (1)





I entered her bedroom around 1pm where she was still in bed. A gorgeous oversized king bed with the fireplace burning and TV on.  I am shown the shirt and it’s noticeable that I cannot pass off white organza for off white chiffon Laurent shirt. Yes I said that right, Laurent shirt. Actually the entire outfit she was wearing that  night for the concert was Laurent. She wants me to add additional fabric to a Laurent shirt as if she was walking into a chinese laundry service for a simple alteration! I was mortified instantly as she said to me “honey, this isn’t chiffon” I reply, “Organza, chiffon, same thing.”.. LOL .”No honey it’s not, but it will do”. So here I am with organza in my hand being asked to sew it to the bottom of this gorgeous, beautiful piece of Laurent.



As I begin cutting away I realized that this was turning out pretty darn good. That with what I working with I was able to accomplish what she asked.  Shirt is pinned and ready to be sewn, but not without Courtney trying it on first to be sure it’s right. Once again perfect timing.

The voice that is undeniable as I hear it. Courtney ventured out of her bedroom to yell to her manager that she needs the makeup artist to bring her a wig. Brown, not too dark, curly, but not too curly. Long. Standing in her bohemian sheer shirt and see thru underwear in the middle of the kitchen, now’s my opportunity. “Courtney, glad you’re here, get over here honey to try this one for me before I ruin it forever”. She obliges and strips naked for me so I may help and assist her on putting on the shirt without sticking her with the pins.  Note: her body is gorgeous and rocking!

She placed it on, said it was perfect and she was happy. We were ready to go forward and ruin this Laurent shirt. hahaha!

She proceeds to go back and grab the rest of her outfit, the suit and explain to me what she needs done. The pin stripe Laurent suit was absolutely gorgeous. It had to be the softest thing I’ve felt in a suit in my entire life. She complained that the buttons on the arms are stitched so she can’t roll the sleeves up, as she must do to play the guitar. She also was worried that it was too tight in the shoulders. As she is wearing the jacket she proceeds to say …

See how it’s too tight in the shoulders? If I want to pull a Ted Nugent  and rock out (as she is pretending to play the guitar as she swirls her arms in the air) it may rip.

She wanted me to rip the entire lining out of this jacket. UGH.. Let me see what I can do here. The pants, as I helped her into them, fit so nicely around her, but they were straight, she wanted them to be skinny.

“What shoes are you wearing Court?” I asked. “Flats, I never wear heels when I’m rocking out” she replied. I knew she normally is barefoot. But I asked.  We marked her knees off and how tight she wanted the pants and away I went.



I finished up my work, but I had to wait, because Courtney was chanting. 45 minutes later, the door opens and Courtney is in full makeup that she did herself and wearing one of her own pieces from her line. It was odd, but really awesome. She looked great.

Now time for her to try on everything. She exits her bedroom and proceeds to the stove. This part I love. Courtney turns on the stove to light her cigarette. So rock star, I love it. Courtney also had another dress from her line but was unsure of how it worked or how it was to be put on. I helped her. It was gorgeous. In my hand is that dress from her line, which is so very cool. e rest of the wares I finished.

But my work was not done!!!!

Now I was asked to try to fix some burn holes in the comforter of this Non Smoking Villa’s very expensive bed spread. I obliged and did my best to fix the several burn holes.

Best part, I’m now VIP on the list for her show that night. Mika Romantic and I are on the list under Courtney to see the show. Wow! NOTE: THERE ARE MORE PIECES TO THIS STORY, BUT I’M A PROFESSIONAL AND WON’T DISCLOSE ANYTHING ELSE PUBLICLY. WANT TO KNOW MORE, EMAIL ME.. LOL

We end our Sundance night with dinner with friends, Gotham, and then Courtney Love concert. I must say a pretty darn successfull Sundance.

Theres’ much much more to share with Sundance and all the great people we met and funny great stories, but honestly the Courtney thing was pretty amazing and I needed to share. But check out pics from Sundance as we update them as we get them. We’ve also had some great press as well, Yahoo pics and etc… and they will continue to come I’m sure.

Check back.



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