Published on April 13, 2012, by in Creating.


So I’ve been reading quite a bit lately and one thing I must say I’ve loved reading people’s stories on start up and why they started a business and the, at times, very personal stories. We all have them, but to feel the heart and soul, as cornball as it sounds, is very inspiring to a lot of us.

I believe all great businesses tell a story. I think to connect with your customers they have to believe you and trust you! And telling them your personal story is important. Not your bio, resume, why your product is so wonderful. Why is it you do what you do, why is your piece of American entrepreneur important! It’s a story!

So, I’m going to tell you my story! Not all at once, not today, but over the course of a few days piecing it all together for all to know why IT IS House of Minerva and why I believe in this and a few others have taken the risk of my product and more importantly, of me! HoM wouldn’t be HoM without me. It’s a brand I’m forming and I’m interwoven into that brand.




So please check back if you're interested in the story! Ok ok, it's going to be funny and light hearted but also honest.



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