Published on May 13, 2012, by in Random.


Ok, so I get to write something warm and fuzzy tonight. I’m going to talk to you about these girls, Michelle Mumoli and Megan Gulick. These ladies are the brains, creatives, all awesomeness behind “Not Yo Mama’s” Fairs Event Organizers. This idea and way cool event planners are one of a kind. House of Minerva, LLC has been very lucky to have been able to work with these girls and their events and have always been so impressed with all they do. I mean I do lots of events, and have to say, as I grow, this is the only event that I can say I am committed to being part of. Not only because it’s always awesome and worth every penny and trip I to Jersey City, NJ, but because these girls are doing something so great I want to continue to support it as much as possible. I think they truly have something like no other. We all have been to those “Indie Markets”.. no, sorry, but these events are just so great. From the promotion of the events, marketing  and over all caring that these artist are making a living at what they love to do. These girls are the real deal.

Check them out and all they are about here …. 

And if you’re an artist, you need to ask these girls to look at your wares and try to be part of this. If you have a venue and you need something to fill it up, contact these girls!

Check them out…



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