Expert? Prove it!

Lately I have been overwhelmed with how many people come to me saying they are social media experts and can help me with my social medial. First, I have that covered already, shout out to Cloud21 PR,  but that’s not what this is all about. I’m in no way an expert on this subject, I just know what has been successful for me as a small business and what worked for me.  Now I do believe that I am good at a few things with my biz, social media marketing. To me it’s really rolled up in one.

I know many small businesses that aren’t quite up to speed on this social media marketing and I feel very bad for those companies that may be taken advantage of from companies and businesses that claim they are “experts” at social media and blogging.

Let me just be brutally honest.  I must also tell you that this is what I have seen, found, experienced and also as a company and a brand that I have felt or made decisions surrounding. Meaning, enjoy the information but I am not making statements that what you are doing is wrong, it’s what I have seen and experienced.

I like to use this analogy because I have a friend in the remodeling business and she comes to mind often. If you had someone come in to remodel your kitchen for $30,000 would you just take their word that they can do a good job? You probably would want references, recommendations, before and after pics to backup the claim they can do what you’re asking them to do. Then why wouldn’t you do the same thing for you brand or company. Why would you just believe someone that says they know Social Media Marketing without backing it up. Don’t be fooled by the words they throw around.  Here are a few so called “fancy” WORDS.. 

  • SEO
  • Hashtag
  • Link Building
  • Keyword Density
  • External/Internal Link
  • Podcast
  • RSS Feed
  • you get what I’m saying……..

Well they can throw all those words around but who cares. What do they have to back it up?

And then all the social media platforms they will throw around claiming you must be part of: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest….. on and on and on. Hey knew one I do love, Pheed.

Well now down to the meat and potatoes. Insert picture of Meat and Potatoes because when can I ever use an image of Meat and Potatoes??? (Not to mention I’m hungry)


I’m going to just do a quick listing of things that have jumped out at me, and some of these things may sting, and again, not directed to offend, just what my company as a brand needed and decided against… Oh did I mention, I’m sort of a genius. Just saying.

  1. Hey social media guru, how many twitter followers do you have?  How can you help me with my twitter followers when you or your biz has 118? And please don’t tell me that you focus on your clients and not yours.. BS.
  2. Hey social media guru, how many Facebook followers or likes do you have? Same as above…
  3. Do you understand my business and what our goals are, can you keep up?
  4. You can’t get me 5000 twitter followers in a day, and if you can, they aren’t content worthy. I want followers that will be customers not just a number. Content based. Mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, celebs, pr, media a like. Can you gear my campaign appropriately? Be sure you have someone that understands your needs. Stop thinking it’s a numbers game. Numbers won’t help, content will.
  5. What’s your Klout score? Not that this is really worth much, but it’s a good guide for you. Klout scores can help you understand one presence. I would not even hire an employee with a low Klout Score let alone my social media and marketing expert. 
  6. Advertising from the olden days does not apply. It’s not your age, I know lots of wonderful out of this world social media experts well in their 60s. But if your marketing ideas are old and do not envelop social media then you better have someone to your left or right that you refer to. Marketing is marketing, not much changes, but if my goal is social media platform and you are claiming to do that, you better not think that a #ff is the answer. (Note: if you didn’t get the reference of  #ff then run to the hills. )
  7. We will setup your blog and even write your very first blog? Really? you are going to write like you are me? Like you know me? Why wouldn’t one want to train and coach and have your client understand. Get out of my way, you’re not me, you could never be me. Why would you offer to write my blog? What is the point of a blog? Sheesh. (Note: Setting up a blog is not hard, everyone has one and there are articles that are a few paragraphs that can tell you how to do it. The only thing is understanding how to get found and read. That’s the game, that’s the ultimate game.)
Ok, enough enough I know I know. anyway,  comment please.  I have so much more, but it’s a blog, not a war and peace novel. 


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