Published on April 23, 2012, by in Random.


“Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy – the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation”…. not sure who said this or where it came from, but it is what I wanted to share, ok, I needed to write about it today.

Some would say that I’m pretty passionate just about everything. Some may even see this as a flaw. But I am who I am. I’m passionate about a lot of things, and I’m passion about relationships that I really invest time and energy in. But lately I’ve noticed that my life has changed and these life changing things leave me a bit more open to people who are users and have only their own butts to think about. Their initial intent may not have been to be a blood sucker, but turned out that way.

So I’m going to give a few people the very deserving middle finger. Well, just because. I no longer have time or energy to invest in people who are nasty, using, and even more importantly, uninteresting… the MIDDLE FINGER… 

Ok, so now that I’ve made myself feel better, let me just tell you why I am ridding myself of these people.

  1. They seem to suck me dry for any and every opportunity.
  2. They think they are owed something.
  3. They bore me with their “poor me” “I’m broke” “my life sucks” BS… yawn yawn.
  4. Lazy, you’re lazy, you want something for nothing. Get off your ass and work for it.
  5. Stop living for the immediate day, plan accordingly. Think about the “What if Kate’s not around anymore” scenario. Yeah it could happen. LOL
  6. I could go on.. but you get the idea…..

I’m a very nice, beyond nice person. I do for people and NEVER expect anything in return. I do nice things because it makes me feel good about me and I know I’m helping someone. But never ever do I expect something in return, maybe a thank you, ok yeah, I do expect a thank you. LOL

What’s the point? The point is, I’m done with those that have leached off me, those that have leached off my very hard working husband. DELETED from my life! And it feels good.

I haven’t found the G.O.D., but I feel reborn!

And I will never speak of this again, post about it… but now you know!


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