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I wanted to share my very real and personal experience of a customer complaint. You’re wondering why I would share a customer complaint for my small business, that could be suicide. But it’s not. No small business, nor large one is perfect. It’s what you do to handle and understand your customer, the consumer and make it right.

So we do these amazing toddler dresses and I’m very proud of the product I produce and the handmade high quality product I produce. We had a young lady order a dress. Note, the dress she ordered was a big hit and the size she ordered was not even available without me sewing it that day, which I did. So the order’s placed, let’s say on a Tuesday. Annabella cut it out the same day, I sewed it the same day and was out the door for shipping Wednesday. I’m very proud that we turn this stuff around and unless there is an issue with the fabric, meaning, we sold quite a few in the week and now we are short on the fabric and have to reorder, your product is shipped same day or next! Really proud that my customers always say handmade, quick shipping is a perk. Also, every order I try my best to handwrite a thank you card to each customer. That’s what’s so important to me! I will do that as long as I have a hand to write!!!! But back to my story, or my complaint.

So we sent the dress. The dress actually was the last of the fabric and we can’t get the fabric anymore as well, it was a good seller. So Wednesday the dress is mailed, Friday I get an email. The person received the item and let me just put pieces of the email… and those who own businesses and get things like this, it’s tough…

“I ordered a child dress off of the site and it’s not the color I ordered. I ordered the dress because I thought it would be perfect for my daughters first bday and now EVERYTHING is ruined” and more of this was around the color ” I get the dress and its green and I hate green I never wouldve ordered this color for my child.”

Let’s just say that as a designer, a business owner, tough to swallow and hate this.

We researched the order and the picture we have, the top of the dress is tough, it does come out a rather more blue than green, but the details we have online says “deep dark green with aqua green polka dots.

My response was how sorry we were and how we stand behind out product and stand behind our return policy. I then gave her my personal cell number to call me so we can figure it out.

She phoned! I was so happy, I answered immediately. We spoke, she picked a new dress and HoM overnighted it to her along with a per paid envelope to return the dress that she didn’t want. And she was so great in knowing she was speaking with me and how she appreciated out customer service. More importantly, her daughter is turning 2 and will be wearing an HoM dress for her bday party and I’m happy to do that. I will refund her the money and this one is on us.

I’ve been there and purchased something off line and it’s not what I thought, and how I knew I couldn’t do anything. But you know what. I will sell that dress somewhere, and I hope that our response and my TLC will go a long way! One can only hope!




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