Alterations for your Bridal Dress

Bridal Dress and your Alterations for your Wedding Day.jpg

Not sure if you know this or not, but House of Minerva does do some custom work orders for our local family. We do everything from alterations for the wedding party to custom designing bags for showers etc. We basically do it all if it involves a needle and a thread.

I have altered one or two bridal dress this year, many, many!

Amazing women and beautiful. And am asked often about ideas, design ideas etc. So I’m going to give you my perspective, keeping it real. Think maybe you haven’t thought of some of these yet.

1. Pick a few design ideas you like. You don’t need to pick every design idea under the sun for your dress. One or two, you don’t need pleats, tucks, ties, beads, adornments, lace, ruffle, crin, etc. You get it. Pick one or two that really appeal to you and stick with that. Doing them all, hmmmm just not good, for you and for me. It’s not flattering and makes you look desperate and tacky.
2. Find a person to go with you that you trust.. I don’t mean, trust to dog sit, trust to tell you the truth. Like “Girl, you cannot pull that off, your pooch is showing”. That kind of trust. Hey it’s your day but you need someone who will be honest. Please also consider, if you don’t like their style, they will not be of any help to you. Don’t ask someone that wares crocs if you are wearing Christian Louboutin. You get it.
3. If you don’t have breastests and your dress is plunging, it’s unfortunate, but you need some cups. Not even negotiable. Oh, and if you are well endowed, but you move them out of the way to scratch your belly, cups/support is needed.
4. There is no miracle. We, seamstresses, cannot make you slimmer, we can’t make it look like you have a butt. We can’t sprinkle fairy dust to make you not have back fat. I have it, I embrace it. So should you.
5. You can’t buy a size 12 dress and lose 50lbs and think we can fix it. Doesn’t work that way. Fixing a size or two, but we can’t reconstruct a dress. Oh and vice versa, we can’t make a 6 into a 12, you get it.
6. And my final food for thought. Remember ladies, simplicity is always classy and classic. What is in vogue, trendy today won’t be in 10 years. You need to look at those pictures of that wonderful day years to come (not going by those statistics of course). But think of all those ladies in the 80s that followed those trends, boy are they regretting they did that now. Look at someone like Marilyn Monroe in her weddings (yeah there were many), but all are classic and you could look at that forever. If you follow Kim K or any other iconic person of the day, you will fail. Simple, classic you can never go wrong.

I love weddings, and love brides and talk to many of them and was one, once or twice, but I have seen it all too much where there is some disappointment later. Also, there are things I know a Bride wouldn’t know that doesn’t sew etc. I love doing this and am the luckiest person in the world.

Bridal Dress Alterations at times are comedic note this was suppose to be a comedic twist on this. And didn’t even give you my take on what the Bridal party has to deal with. That’s another blog another day.



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