Blogging is a fundamental piece to any business.

So I’m told and I agree. I’ve struggled lately with finding the time to speak my mind and share worthwhile content. At times my thoughts are filled with so many ideas and, oh yeah opinions, that I find it hard to formulate them. I am sure everyone has felt this at one point in their Blog Writing chapters.

Yes I have tried some of the tips I’ve read about and here is my take on them.  If you know me, you know I’m sarcastic, but this really is almost a plea for help. For those other business owners that realize how important this is, yet still struggle. I need your input and I value that.
  1. Write During Lunch : What lunch? Oh am I suppose to take time for lunch. Why didn’t someone tell me this.
  2. Stay Up Late or Wake Up Early: I can’t wake up before 6 a.m. and can’t go to bed any later than 1 a.m. You know the House of Minerva Schedule I’m already living.
  3. Get someone to write it for you. : Are you serious? That’s just silly to me. Why bother. I would never want anyone to be ME! And I’m sorry the day blogging is so important to business that it’s ok for it not to be me, sharing my opinion or content, sign me out!
  4. Make an appointment to Blog: Ok, yeah sure, I’ll put it right between the other 10 things on my to do list.
  5. And this list could go on and on, but we have all read the same suggestions.

So NO, I’m not poo pooing Blogging and the help I’ve read. But I noticed one thing. I don’t like reading blogs that have been noticeably forced. You can feel it when you read the pointless content that is grasping at every straw possible.

I also don’t like content that has been obviously stolen from another blog. I can’t stand that. I would rather wait and read a blog from something authentic than a repeat of something I have read. If  you follow something in particular, you know when it’s been a repeat, just saying.

I do believe that I’m pretty savvy with my time management. Sure I goof off once and while with my employees, but that’s why they love being MY employee. If it’s between blogging and goofing off and having a laugh with the people that help me day to day to make this happen, sorry blogger fans, it’s my employees.

And one other thing. I can’t write. I write like I speak. I know people cringe, but I never said I was any of the greats like Dickens, Orwell, Bronte or Faulkner, and let’s throw in Stephanie Meyer and oh yeah Judy Blume. I always said I wanted to improve, but sheesh, I don’t have time to blog let alone take lessons or classes on fixing my grammar and my writing. I know how to write, I just chose not too do it as I was taught. It’s easier to write with my Philly accent than to suppress it.

I’m looking for others to comment and share with me how you manage your blog and your time.

How you manage the following things:

How do you manage you time to blog?

How do you manage your content so that it’s not forced?


Would love your input and share something other than those common things I’ve read. We’re working hard small business people. I need real and true input. HELP



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