Published on April 6, 2012, by in Creating.


Today was a very productive day of creating and feeling more motivated than ever about the progress of House of Minerva.

Project one of the day : a wonderful and fun time deconstructing and reconstructing. Taking a customers wedding dress and creating their little girls baptism dress out of it was amazing fun.


Tomorrow fitting and should be all done! Love doing this sort of stuff.

Project two of my day was bringing back an oldie but goodie the original BellasBag. I use to own a company called Bella’s Bag and a favorite and popular bag was the Bucket Bag. Ive listened to my customers asking me to bring this bag back. I’ve listened but definite improvements and design changes were needed, more of just an updated feel and firmer structure.
All of these bags will automatically have the matching cosmetic bags and sold as the true set. Limited edition Spring bags. Can’t wait to get them up on the online store tomorrow and see what customers think! Always love input on functionality.




I completely forgot about taking a bag from a local customer (an original Bella’s Bag) and adding a pocket and a snap to a very cool but very old and worn tote! But they love it and still use it after like 6 years! I love that stuff though and will do those things to my very loyal and happy customers.

Lastly a customer swung by today to pick up the custom Easter dresses I made for her very adorable little girls. Pic here is the dresses but can’t wait for her to share the pics of them wearing them.


No call from my accountant, can not wait to have taxes behind me. Have learned so much going thru the process the way I have this year. It had to be done and I’m a better business woman for it.


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