House of Minerva’s 2012 Fruit Cake contest. 

We searched high and low to find one fruit cake or maybe two, that would make me change my mind on the fruitcake. I have had a long disgust for the holiday classic, the fruitcake.

I always felt that the fruitcake itself wasn’t only just not appealing to the eye, but to my mouth. I never could understand it. Let me just first tell you that I am in no way a food snob. I eat pretty much everything. From sauerkraut to koren kimchi, but never have I been able to understand this tradition. What’s even worse.. it tricks you. It’s name is Fruit Cake.. two things I love, Fruit and Cake. But boy is it nothing like you would picture in your head.

I was pleased to see so many people reached out and wanted to partake in the fun of this contest.  We initially had over 20 people entered, but knowing this crazy time of year, people couldn’t find the time to get me the cakes. We did have 5 people entered.


For the traditional fruitcake we had:

Sharon Vidmar McCarthy  of Surge Communications and Maureen Augenstein of Glass Doctor Lehigh Valley who submitted one of her favorites from a baker that she gets it from every year.

For the non traditional, or ones take/version on the fruitcake we had:

John Toner of Freckle Face Fudge, with his fudge; Dina Wanamaker of Passionate Kisses Cake and Catering with her cake and Susan Simonnet with her version of the cake who truly was up for the challenge.


This was tough. I have to say, I’m still not a fan even after the contest. It’ s not saying anything for ones cooking or expertise, it’s just my pallette I’m afraid.

We did the video, which came out amazing. Thanks Mika Romantic for once again a phenominal partnership and amazing editing.

The two winners won a House of Minerva Apron and a $100 Gift Card to use on

Congratulations to the winners!

Sharon Vidmar McCarthy  of Surge Communications with her authentic version of the fruitcake.


John Toner of Freckle Face Fudge for his clever version of fruitcake fudge


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